Need Affordable Style Pieces? I GOT YOU!

Need Affordable Style Pieces? I GOT YOU!

Hey, hey, HEYYY! Okay, I know that the words “American Eagle” throw a majority of us back to high school memories. You know what I’m talking about – hoodies with American Eagle plastered across and the low-rise jeans that did no one justice. Well, they’ve been KILLIN’ IT lately so hear me out.

AE has trendy pieces for less. I love shopping here to get lounge wear, trendy pieces or just some seasonal pieces. Especially since Texas seasons change every 2 seconds! I personally don’t care to spend a lot of money on sweaters that I won’t get to even wear a handful of times.

I recently bought a pair of their Aerie leggings after hearing great reviews on them and a chenille sweater that is soft, bright and warm! The leggings are buttery soft (similar to the feel of my Lululemon align leggings!) but do have to be worn with nude undies. That may be TMI but I’m just a being honest!

I linked the pieces I have in my closet as well as more sale finds below! Hope y’all love it all 🙂







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