Beachin’ with Baby

Hi, y’all! My husband and I recently traveled to South Padre Island with our 4-year-old kid, 2-year-old toddler and 1-month-old baby. YES, WE ARE CRAZY FOR DOING THIS and YES, IT WAS CONTROLLED CHAOS. It was chaotic but that comes with having young kids, right?! I will never regret making the special memories with our family and introducing the kids’ to these kinds of experiences.

Below are some items that made our life a little bit easier on the beach with our littlest. Hope you find it helpful!

Baby Items That Make Life Easier

This on-the-go baby dome was a beach game changer. Our youngest LOVED hanging out and napping in it! I loved this dome because it has mesh that allows the inside to stay breezy, the top can be folded to shade baby, the bottom is a tad elevated so minimal sand gets on it and it folds up for easy storage. I 10/10 recommend this thing!

A portable fan is a MUST in this heat. We grabbed this one off Amazon and it is our favorite by far. The legs let it stand or wrap around whatever you need it to. The charge has also lasted us a good amount of time!

Our portable sound machine is something that gets use frequently whether it be on a trip or around the house. It has a loop that can hang on a handle, chair or wrist, plenty of sleep sounds to choose from and a built-in adjustable nightlight feature.

Lightweight cotton muslin swaddles were a game changer. I used mine as nursing covers that don’t overheat baby, lightweight baby blankets and a baby cover for when we didn’t have shade. My favorite ones are these!

One of my favorite things to do is wear my babies with a wrap. Wearing my baby frees up my hands, calms her and is a great way to bond with her! I love these because they’re easy to learn, silky soft and sewn in the USA.

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