Fort Worth Bachelorette & Bachelor Party

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A couple weekends ago we loaded up the car and headed to Fort Worth for my brother and future sister-in-law‘s joint bachelor+bachelorette party. I’m here to share where we went and what we did! Outfit details are included at the bottom of this post 🤩 ENJOY Y’ALL!!! 💛


Everyone stayed at the Embassy Suites. Bryan and I were THOSE MARRIED FOLKS and got a room for ourselves 🤪 I loved this hotel because we were smack dab in the middle of downtown Fort Worth and so close lots of great restaurants, bars and sights! The hotel itself had a bar, continental breakfast, snack selection that you could charge to the room and coffee bar.


Joe T. Garcia’s: this place is so, so, so, sooooo gorgeous! There was a line to get into the restaurant but it went by pretty quickly and you can order a pitcher of margaritas while you’re waiting (YES PLEASE!). The restaurant is all outside and beautifully landscaped. We had margaritas, queso and fajitas and I recommend all of those. One thing to note is that it’s cash only! This place has been around for many years, started as cash only and remained cash only.

Jake’s: okay, full disclosure – this was not our first choice for breakfast on Saturday. We wanted to go to Yolk but the wait was 45 minutes to an hour and after an hour passed our table still wasn’t ready. SO, we just decided to go somewhere else. Jaks’s was your regular bar with bar food and drinks and I 10/10 recommend the breakfast tacos. The bloody Mary’s could’ve been better though 😆

Salsa Limón: this was one of the stops we did during our Cowtown Cycle Party (more on that below!). I highly recommend this for a breakfast or lunch! The margaritas are FRESH, it’s affordable and the queso was delicious. I can only imagine how good the rest of their menu is 😍

Del Frisco’s: we ate here Saturday night and it was great! We ordered to a charcuterie board for the table and I definitely recommend if you’re a cheese person. MY MOTO: GIMME AAAAALL THE CHEESE! Bryan had a yummy steak salad and I had salmon that was also delicious. For drinks we both had Old Fashions *chef kiss*


Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar: we went here Friday night and had such a good time! If you’ve never been to a Pete’s piano bar, just know there are plenty of opportunities to get on stage ( 😉 ), you can tip the singers to sing roast about your friends and it’s just hilarious to watch. ALSO! You can reserve for your party ahead of time but it’s not a must.

Electric Bikes: I almost missed this part thanks to my midday nap but I’m so happy I didn’t. THEY WERE SO FUN!!! You pay through their app or at the kiosk, ride around and return the bike – EASY AS 1, 2, 3!! The cost for a day is $8 I believe.

Cowtown Cycle Party: we all know Texas is hot as h-e-double-hockey-sticks but I think everybody needs to do one of these at least once! If you do it during summer you are definitely going to be a sweaty mess but it’s such a good time. The party itself was two hours and we got to stop at three different bars for about 20 minutes apiece. The cycling part isn’t too bad and there are some seats that don’t have cycling so you can take turns cycling if you want!

Varsity Tavern: hahahahahaha okay I haven’t been to a crazy bar like this since college! It’s 100% a club scene with younger people but the venue itself is massive and there are lots of places to hang out. So you can go to the dance floor if you are dancing queen and you can hang out in one of the lounge areas if you want to just chill. We did see two fights so just be prepared for craziness 🤪

Stockyards and Cowtown Winery: On Sunday the girls went to the Stockyards and an indoor winery while the guys went golfing. It was a great way to end the weekend because we just got to hang out, talk wedding things and win(e)d down 😉 this place has delicious dips and the wine was so good! I think it goes without being said that the Stockyards are a must if you’re in Fort Worth for a weekend.



Check In at Embassy Suites + Joe T. Garcia’s + Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar

Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar added the bride and groom’s name on the chalkboard!

What We Wore


Starbucks + Sundance Square + Jake’s + Ride Electric Bikes Downtown + Cowtown Cycling Party + Del Frisco’s + Varsity Tavern… phew that day had all the things lol!

It’s the aesthetic for me 😉
The bride and groom’s shirts said “Our Last Rodeo is brought to you by_____” and we all had our own sayings. SO CUTE!!!!!

What We Wore


Stockyards + Cowtown Winery

At 11:30am they moved the cattle down the street! They were so pretty!

What I Wore

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