Happy 1st Birthday, Emmett June!

Holy guacamole, y’all – our little baby is officially ONE! I can’t believe how fast this year went by… but also how it feels like I had her yesterday. What’s that saying? The hours are long but the days are fast or something like that?! That’s exactly how I feel about this past year!

Emmett’s birthday theme was a pink-western-honky-tonk-Shania-Twain-rodeo mix. It doesn’t exactly have a name… more just a vibe lol! Seriously, I loved how everything came out. I based the theme around “MAN, I FELL LIKE A 1-YR-OLD” (I was inspired by the first birthday party @ciarachanelself hosted for her little one. They did a Biggie theme – check it out here!), I chose hot pink as the color and went from there! We had the phrase on our dining room wall in pink mylar balloons for pictures, pink balloons on the ceiling, a horse banner, BBQ for food, a hay bale for us to sit on while opening presents and a request for honky-tonk attire. Scroll down for the pics!

As we all know, COVID19 is taking over all of our lives and I got a couple DMs about how we were going to handle it with her birthday party. Well, it didn’t take away our shine but this little pandemic didn’t shave off some of our guest list. Bryan and I decided to keep it to immediate family so that brought the guest list down to a total of 16 adults and 2 kids. All of them were parents, siblings, spouses and their kids so we were comfortable with that! If you’re having to do the same thing or even cancel, my heart goes out to you. Taking precaution is tough, but all for the better and safety of your family. Praying we can all celebrate, party and mingle together soon!

PS- I have direct links to all outfits and decor pieces at the bottom of the post! I get a small commission if you decide to purchase anything through them and thank you for supporting my blog. You’re also supporting the small businesses that I got everything from 💗

Her little boots were $10 from Boot Barn! I got them in-store. I had the bowl (usually keep oranges in that) and chalkboard already!
The cake was made by a family friend in the Woodlands. Didn’t she do amazing?! We had both a smash cake and big cake to serve.
I through the mantle decor together the night before. I just used frames from around the house and photos that I already had!
We moved our coffee cart to the bar area so there was more room in the dining room.

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