Family Photo Sesh… in August?!

Hi y’all! A couple weeks ago Bryan, Emmett and I did a photoshoot with Mandi Thompson Photography in the thick of August (it was so. dang. hot! We had towels on standby to dab and dry ourselves the entire time) and you know what?! We have zero regrets because the pictures are phenomenal!


Jeanette and Jackie with Katy Mobile Studio did my hair and makeup before the shoot. I went in with zero inspiration and told Jeanette to do something with a braid (That actually wasn’t even my idea – Mandi actually suggested that with my long hair). She managed to whip up the prettiest hairstyle that held throughout the whole shoot. I love that the braid adds a little something extra to my hair because, to be honest, I only ever wear it curled and down or in a pony.

Jackie did my makeup and was so amazing at it! I never, ever, ever get my makeup done, but I would let her do my makeup everyday if I could. Y’all, she had to coach me through the entire session lol! I seriously have no idea what to do when people are touching my face, but Jackie managed to work with it.

Their studio is in downtown Katy and was fairly easy to get to. There’s parking right outside and Jeanette has her own room in the studio so there’s some privacy. There’s also wine, which is obviously a necessity.


Mandi is a person that immediately makes you feel at ease. I value this so much in photographers – especially when I’m trying to feel pretty while I’m sweating profusely and having a 4-month-old pull my hair, earrings and anything else her little hands can reach! She was easy to connect with and she’s a person that is genuinely interested in the people she’s photographing. I just loved her and can’t say enough about how awesome she is as a person!

Her photography was amazing. Seriously – I’m convinced that she could’ve just given us the shots straight off the camera. She talked us through each pose and snapped ANY and EVERYTHING! Emmett wasn’t in the greatest mood and I was so worried about her smiling at first, but Mandi captured all of her faces and I’m so thankful she did because THAT is exactly how Emmett is right now. Smiling photos are great, but it’s so fun looking back at her sassy, tongue-out, straight-faced expressions too!

Mandi is located in Katy, TX, knows the area super well and can set up your photoshoot near your neighborhood to make things easier. She actually chose a location near our home, which was very thoughtful because wrangling a baby together and then driving a long ways during traffic isn’t exactly relaxing before a photoshoot.


You can contact Mandi on her websiteFacebook, Instagram or via email at

You can contact Jeanette with Katy Mobile Studio on Facebook or Instagram. View their website by clicking here.


I know that photographers typically like to have muted colors, lighter jeans and textured pieces so I try my best to make their job easy. For this photoshoot, I focused on having outfits that complimented each other so I put Emmett in a lighter pink, me in mauve and Bryan in a light blue shirt. Emmett and I matched with leopard shoes to make the photos “us” 😉

As far as jewelry goes, I love statement earrings so I typically wear big earrings for photos then just match everything else. Here’s a run-down of what we wore and where I got it from:


Light Blue Collared Shirt – This is from Kohl’s and only $15! He’s 6’4″ and wearing a large.

Medium Wash Jeans – These are just Calvin Klein jeans in medium wash that he’s had forever! I’ve linked a couple here and here.

Cole Haan Oxfords – His wedding shoes. Their super comfortable and his favorite dress shoes! Bonus: They’re under $130! There are similar ones here and here


Amazon Pink Dress – size up 2 sizes because the sizing is weird. I ordered an XL and typically either wear medium or large. This one was only $24 so I can’t really complain about the strange sizing. Other than that though it was perfect!

Leopard Shoes – I borrowed these from my sister-in-law but you can find a similar pair here

Kendra Scott Statement Earrings – This pair is called “Diane” and they’re one of my favorites. They’re lightweight, the shell is a gorgeous brown mother-of-pearl and they make a statement. 

Kendra Scott Necklace – The style I wear every day is called “Elisa” and it’s part of the fine jewelry line. They also have this style part of their signature collection in tons of stones and at a better price point. I do love having my 14K gold one though because I don’t have to worry about tarnishing!

Kendra Scott Bangles – I wore a couple of the “Mary Caroline” bangles (under $35!) and another bangle similar to the “Maggie” style and a couple of cuff bangles. You can find the cuff bangles here and a similar one here, here and here!


Knitted Romper – This one was so stinking cute on and the best part was that it was only $17 #MomWin

Leopard Booties – WOW! Love these so much and they’re the only ones Emmett wears! They’re only $25, have an expandable band so we can easily get them on and come in so many prints. I recommend measuring your baby’s foot for sizing!

Floral Bow – We got these off Amazon and they’re the best fitting ones I have. Plus, the set comes with like 8 for $16!

Thank you to Mandi Thompson Photography and Katy Mobile Studio for partnering with Texas Skye!



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