Monday Mingle: Weekend Recap + Two Nursing-Friendly Sweaters

Hi, y’all! Hope you had a great weekend and your Monday is going well! I just finished catching up with a sorority sister that came to meet little Kaiser. Gosh, I miss regular socializing. We both talked about how we felt like terrible friends because we literally hadn’t hung out… or even talked… all year. BUT that’s 2020 for ya and something most people can relate to. I think?!

This weekend was special because we got to meet the kids’ baby girl cousin, Rose Emersyn! I couldn’t believe the difference between 6-week-old Kaiser and 4-day-old Rose. Talk about bittersweet! I’m so excited to see Kaiser meet all of his milestones but he is already growing up too fast. He looks completely different, weighs 6 pounds heavier and becomes more alert every day. And don’t even get me started on how Emmett is growing up too fast – she’s basically 13-years-old in my eyes. Especially with her new obsession of telling me “NO!”. Here’s the cutest little picture of the baby cousins.

Other than that, we kept it pretty low-key this weekend. We made a trip to Lowe’s because we’re about to re-do our laundry room (I’ll blog about it when we start), Bryan sold a shotgun and turned around to buy a pistol, I got my eyebrows threaded (local ladies – Aisha’s is a great place to go to!) and we ate our weight in fried chicken. Clearly, nothing exciting lol!

Below are some outfits that I wore this weekend and links to most of the pieces. The sweaters are both lightweight and nursing-friendly. Put the baby under your shirt, pop ’em on the boob and, BOOM, you’re nursing 😉 Have a great afternoon!

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