nordstrom anniversary sale

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2021: Women’s Clothing, Loungewear, Athletic Wear and Accessories!

Hi, y’all! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is heeeeeere!! This week different levels of card holders can shop and next week the sale opens to the public. Here is a look at the specific dates:

Shopping this sale is not a must. NO SALE IS. I simply love it because new fall pieces for this year and many classic staples go on sale for a limited time. It’s a great time to grab staples, new shoes and beauty bundles. I personally plan on grabbing a jacket, a pair of booties and maybe some Free People t-shirts. Of course, it’ll somewhat depend on what’s still in stock when I’m able to shop! 😉

There are pages on pages on pages of items and looking through everything can be overwhelming and time consuming. Trust me, I’ve been looking for a few days lol! My top picks for women’s clothes, women’s loungewear, women’s athletic wear and accessories are below and even further below you’ll find more picks!

I hope this makes shopping the sale a bit easier for you and at least gives you some inspiration!



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