PAW PATROL PARTY // Happy 3rd Birthday, Emmett!!

Hi, y’all! Last week our girl turned THREE and we got to celebrate her this weekend with friends and family. This birthday has been extra special because it’s the first birthday that she has been SUPER aware of. SERIOUSLY. She has been talking about her birthday since February! I have no idea where she is learning to be a diva about her birthday hahaha!

This was not our first rodeo for at-home birthday parties and every one has been pretty simple and similar by decorating with a balloon garland, creating a spread with food that’s both easy to eat and kid-friendly, stocking up the beer and wine, throwing on some music, adding a few details for the theme and getting ready to PARTAAAAAAY 😉 At the end of the day, loved ones just want to celebrate the birthday girl and the birthday girl just wants to be loved on. I try my very best to remember that and not get hung up on the small things. Now, does that mean I don’t get overwhelmed with stress 10 minutes before the party every year? NO, but I just remind myself that it’s a day for being together and celebrating our girl!

Below are the party details and toys perfect for 3-year-olds (it’s a mix of ones we have and ones I’ve seen online!) in case you need ideas!

*My dress is Judith March and linked here! SKYE-LYNN20 gets you 20% off anything from their site!

Dress is Judith March and SKYE-LYNN20 gets 20% off!

Party Details

You can never go wrong with a custom balloon garland for decor. They personalize the party and it’s an easy way to make a photo opp! I grabbed a custom 8-foot balloon garland from Glamfetti, a Chase balloon from Amazon and a huge 3 from Amazon to make ours!

I brought the theme into the kitchen with a matching 4-foot balloon garland from Glamfetti for the island chandelier, “LET’S PAWTY” balloons and pink paw print balloons from Amazon for the kitchen wall and custom tassel garland from Glamfetti on the table.

Another thing I had up is a custom banner from Etsy that says “HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMETT”. I use this year-after-year and fold it up once the party is done, put it in a Ziploc bag and store it in a cabinet until next year!

This year we hired Face Painting by Hannah (find her Facebook page here!) for face painting. She was amazing with the kids and got through 5 people within an hour!

I made the invite on Canva and you can find the template link here!

As for the cake, we have a super talented family friend that does ours every party.

Toys Perfect for 3-Year-Old Birthdays!

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