Pregnancy Closet 101

Hello! I’m officially 23 weeks and getting close to the end of my second trimester. I’ve been enjoying dressing my bump and I’m here to share how I built my pregnancy closet.


Before I start telling you my experience let me go ahead and put it out there: EVERY PREGNANCY IS UNIQUE, BUMPS GROW AT THEIR OWN PACE AND WHAT WORKS FOR ME MAY NOT WORK FOR YOU. I love these pieces but also understand that everyone has different wardrobe requirements (i.e. you won’t really find maternity workwear pieces in my closet since I don’t work in a traditional office) and style. I hope that you find this helpful and, if anything, grab some styling ideas for your growing bump!

My personal experience with dressing a bump has had its ups and downs. Both pregnancies started with an expanding pooch, wider thighs and left me crying in my closet out of frustration to find something to wear more than once.

I’ve always considered myself a confident woman no matter my size and something I’ve learned through pregnancy is that you’re allowed to have mixed feelings about your changing body. I never wallowed about “losing my body” but I did get frustrated as hell trying on every pair of denim shorts I had only to find that they all gave me that horribly uncomfortable muffin top… and when I’d look in the mirror and see myself growing a bump along with wider hips, fuller arms and thicker thighs… and also when I’d grow out of my already 34DD bras. All of these situations seem small while typing them out but they pack plenty of emotions in the moment.

I’m not here to moan and complain about how my body changed. We’re all human and have the ability to have mixed-emotions. I love pregnancy, growing a baby and all-things bump but, parallel to that, I don’t love everything that happens to my body during pregnancy. I’m allowed to unapologetically have mixed emotions during a change and SO ARE YOU.

I’ve read blogs and talked to mamas that were lucky enough to be able to size up or use a majority of their pre-pregnancy clothes while carrying a baby. I haven’t been able to find a way to comfortably do that and prefer to build my pregnancy closet to have a mix of maternity and normal pieces instead. I could care less about the number on the scale but I’m most confident in my skin when I feel comfortable with what I’m wearing. That’s why I don’t mind buying maternity pieces even if I can only wear them for a few months!


Everything is broke down by style of piece and I’m listing why I love having that piece, the exact piece I have and where else you can find similar options! Enjoy babe!

Maternity Biker Shorts

Summer requires shorts. That’s just FACTS! I splurged and got a pair of Good American biker shorts ($65) for this pregnancy. Although these were a bit more than I normally spend, I love that they can be styled in a variety of ways, cover my entire bump and have plenty of stretch for the growing we still have to do. You can find a cheaper Amazon option here – I’m trying these out next week!

If you’re in the market for maternity leggings, I found that my Align leggings from lululemon (I wear my regular size during pregnancy) and Spanx faux leather leggings (I went up one size for pregnancy and was able to wear them until the end) grew with the bump for a decent amount of time! Maternity legging options that have good reviews include the Good American seamless maternity leggings, Zella maternity leggings and Fabletics maternity leggings.

Where to Buy Maternity Activewear: Amazon, Gap, Old Navy, Pinkblush, Old Navy

Maternity Denim Shorts

I still have a pair of denim shorts from my first pregnancy and manage just fine with one pair. They’re a distressed pair of the Jessica Simpson brand and I got them from Motherhood Maternity. Two things I love about them include the full panel, which gives me a seamless silhouette, and the way they stay up instead of falling down.

Where to Buy More Maternity Denim: Nordstrom, PinkBlush, Target, Old Navy, Gap

Comfy Shorts

Buying these with postpartum life in mind is smartest. I generally buy non-maternity comfy shorts and simply roll down the front for the bump. Typically, I can get away with my regular size but if the waistband is tighter then going up one size usually does the trick.

Where to Buy Comfy Shorts: Target, Shop Monica’s, Shop Talulah, RiffRaff, Z Supply, H&M, Nordstrom Rack, Aerie, Shop Red Dress


Although I prefer shorts during summer, the Free People Kyoto Leggings have been amazing for the bump; you can find them fully stocked here and a sale option here. I also love joggers that have a forgiving or foldover waistband and Aerie usually has some of this style in stock – check those options out here!

Where to Buy Joggers: Target, Walmart, Academy, Shop Monica’s, Aerie, Shop Talulah, RiffRaff, Z Supply, Shop Red Dress


I actually got some black overalls before I got pregnant BUT having a pair has been amazing to have for dressing the bump. I got the Target ones and just wear them without the belt!

Where to Buy Overalls: Target, Smash & Tess, American Eagle, Amazon, PinkBlush

Maternity Tanks

Having a few tanks on hand makes getting dressed a million times easier because I can pair them with just about any kind of bottoms, wear them underneath loose tops or even wear them layered with kimonos, jackets or flannel shirts. I love these Target ones (under $10!) or these Maternity Motherhood ones.

Where to Buy Maternity Fitted Tanks and Tees: Target, Motherhood Maternity, Amazon, Nordstrom, PinkBlush, Old Navy, Gap, Loft

Oversized Shirts

I get most of these from my husband’s drawer (thanks Bry!) and they’re a MUST whether you find a guy to borrow these from or buy them. Especially into the third trimester! I wear an oversized shirt 70% of the time at home because I find a comfy pair of shorts paired with a tee to be most comfortable.

Where to Buy Oversized T-Shirts: Free People, Urban Outfitters, Aerie, Shop Monica’s, RiffRaff, Shop Talulah

Maternity Bodycon Dresses

Bodycon dresses that hug your bump are a must-have in the second and third trimester in my opinion. I mean, what better way to celebrate your growing baby bump than to throw on a dress that shows it off?! I have a black maternity dress from Target (only $25!) as a maternity staple, a nude maternity dress from PinkBlush, a coral maternity dress from Sexy Mama Maternity (a splurge but it’s the most comfortable and flattering one I have!) and a non-maternity dress from Nordstrom. I suggest the Target one if you’re going to just get one; I’ve had mine since my first pregnancy and it’s quality for the low price!

Where to Buy Maternity Bodycon Dresses: Sexy Mama Maternity, Target, PinkBlush, Old Navy, H&M, Amazon

Maxi Dresses

These are *usually* pretty comfortable; although, it could get a little hot if you wear a thick fabric on a hot day. They can also be worn in a variety of ways – as-is, belted to accentuate the bump or even tied at the bottom. I have a gauze maxi from Nordstrom Rack (more options from the brand here!) and love that it’s so lightweight. I also have a non-maternity camo maxi, maternity leopard maxi and maternity grey and white ribbed midi on-hand for “throw-it-on-and-go” days. Did I mention that you can usually get away with wearing non-maternity maxi dresses?!

Where to Buy Maxi Dresses: PinkBlush, Nordstrom Rack, Nordstrom, RiffRaff, Abercrombie, American Eagle, H&M, Zara, Loft, Target, RiffRaff, Z Supply, Sexy Mama Maternity, Shop Red Dress

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