Pumpkin Patch Season + Western Booties for Fall

Hi, y’all!

It’s officially pumpkin patch season and we finally visited one this year. Since we were already in Austin, we decided to find one in that area and ended up choosing Elgin Christmas Tree Farm. It was only $10, had all of the Christmas trees one needs, a couple photo opp areas with pumpkins, a gift shop with some very affordable tree decorations, farm animals and a tractor ride.

The only issue was that this particular weekend was pretty much the hottest one in October so #MOMFAIL on my part. I saw it was going to be hot but, obviously, still wanted to have fall vibes. So, I did what any reasonable Texas woman does and went for a balanced look that said FALL but was still survivable – distressed denim shorts, a long-sleeve top, a wool hat (100% made me 10 degrees hotter) and my western booties (chatting about those in a sec). Y’all, I was still sweating through ev-er-y-thiiiiing! Combine my hellish temperatures with a blowout by Emmett herself and you’ve got yourself a good ol’ family day out at the pumpkin patch haha! Seriously though, it was fun and once these pics were done, I threw off the hat, put my hair in a bun and rolled up my sleeves. I would say that I learned my lesson and that I’ll choose comfort over fashion next time, but these pics make my suffering worth it so I’ll probably continue being uncomfortably fashionable.


Shirt (mine was discontinued so here are a few others: similar, similar, similar) // Distressed Denim Shorts (mine was discontinued so here are a couple others: similar, similar) // Wool Hat (exact) // Shoes (INFO IS BELOW!) // Necklace (exact 14K style, similar) // Scrunchie (3 for $12! exact)


Let’s chat about the booties I was wearing! We all know that there are a gazillion options for fall booties but I promise that I’m showing off some good ones for y’all today. I’ve been known to collect a few (Bryan would probably say that I collect TOO MANY) boots but for this fall I really wanted to find some comfortable booties with a western vibe! Well, WINNER, WINNER, CHICKEN DINNER – I found them!

This “Issla” style is by Journee and checks all of the boxes. They’re comfortable, have a pointed toe, have the sassy touch of some metal plating on the toe and come available in a few different colors. I may be biased but I think that the taupe goes with just about anything 😉

Until October 27th, they’re available at Kohl’s for $52 and at DSW for $60. DSW usually has a deal going on so you might be able to get them for even less! Below are some photos of me in the shoes. Click any of these pictures to shop my outfits on LIKEtoKNOW.it! If you do shop through my link, THANK YOU! I get a small commission at no cost to you with every buy and I can’t thank y’all enough for the support!

Have a great week!

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Western Booties for Fall

Western Booties for Fall

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