Quick Babymoon in San Antonio

Hi, y’all! Bryan and I are home from our *quick* babymoon in at La Cantera Resort in San Antonio and completely recharged. Here are all the details and my tips to you if you decide to book 🙂



The drive took just under 3 hours and we got in with just enough sunlight to see the resort. It’s breathtaking y’all! This place is seriously an oasis in the middle of hill country and made me want to move there YESTERDAY.

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The host at the resort entrance confirmed our reservation and gave us a PPE for COVID19. Bryan parked the truck in the self-park lot while I checked in at the front, which was super easy! The concierge gave me the room key, a confirmation of the room fees, resort map and recommendations for restaurants

Bryan and I had drinks (old fashioned for him and a margarita without tequila for me!) at Sire Bar before heading to our late reservation at SweetFire. Both of those places are at the resort!

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I’m not going to lie to y’all – day 2 started a little rough lol! We slept in, which was ahhhh-mazing, and headed down to grab some complimentary breakfast just to find out there was an hour wait. YIKES. Mama is 8 months pregnant and doesn’t do great without food or caffeine.

Well, we got on the waitlist but decided to take a 10-minute drive to this breakfast spot I found on Google that had bomb reviews. We didn’t even get out of the car when we got there because the line was wrapped around the building (makes sense since it had so many great reviews). Plus, it was pouring rain so we just headed back to the resort.

Thankfully, we made it back to the resort just in time for our table. It stopped raining after we ate our delicious breakfast and the day completely turned around after that. It just goes to show that hiccups happen on vacations and you have to do what you can with what you have!

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Bry and I headed to the adult pool after making a video to the Baby Mama Song (head here to see the Instagram reel!) and soaked up the sun for a couple hours. We relaxed, enjoyed some drinks and took a little swim.

My favorite thing about La Cantera might just be how big the pool is and the fact that they have one reserved for people over 21. It’s perfect for babymooners, bachelorettes, honeymooners and anyone else trying to enjoy time away from kids!

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After the pool we enjoyed the most delicious peach pastry and coffee from Henrietta’s, a cute little resort shop that stays open 24/7, sitting at one of the many lounge areas in the courtyard. The weather was 70 degrees with ZERO humidity and it was just so nice to relax outside. If you’re in the south, you know that this rare! I’m usually sweating the second I step outside lol!

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Around 6pm or so we relocated to a patio area behind Primero Cantina and ordered food to-go. The reservations were completely booked so this was our only way to order from this restaurant. Honestly though, this was best because the weather was gorgeous, it was quieter outside and we were able to enjoy the views. By the way – this was my all-time favorite meal! It was delicious, the meat was full of flavor and we both had zero complaints about any of it – HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

We relaxed outside after dinner before grabbing a pint of ice cream from Henrietta’s and heading up to the room to hang out.

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babymoon, san antonio trip, la cantera resort, maternity outfit


We enjoyed another complimentary breakfast at SweetFire and relaxed outside with some coffee one last time before packing up and heading out. Check out was at 11am so this was a quick day!

Obviously, the trip was super quick but we loved doing our babymoon at La Cantera in San Antonio and would recommend it to anyone that needs a trip away. Especially if you’re in Texas and looking for a destination that feels like Cancun without the plane ride!

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  • We booked through a travel advisor and it made things so easy for deciding on where to go, what package to choose from and how to book. You can book Julia Rezzy by emailing her at julia.rezzy@frosch.com. Some other Texas destinations we considered included Hyatt Regency Lost Pines and Miraval Austin (the most amazing options but the highest price!).
  • RESERVE SPA APPOINTMENTS BEFORE THE TRIP! Our original plan was to get a couple’s massage at Loma de Vida Spa but all the appointments at were booked by the time we arrived at the resort.
  • ALSO MAKE DINNER RESERVATIONS! I’m not sure if it was abnormally busy or what, but the restaurants had very limited availability. I recommend reserving ahead to take the stress out of eating while you’re there.
  • If you do happen to forget dinner reservations, just order to-go and eat outside. That’s what we did and it was gorgeous!


Q: How many nights did you stay?

A: 2 nights! Got in on a Friday night and checked out on Sunday morning.

Q: What all did you do?

A: Read above! But we basically hung out at the resort the entire time – besides that one time we ventured out and turned right back around lol. We hung out by the pool, relaxed outside or ate at one of the resort’s restaurants during our stay. Even though we didn’t take part in this, there were lots of activities for kids! S’mores, outdoor movies, childcare, crafts – TONS!

Q: How comfortable were the bed & pillows? Cleanliness level??

A: The pillows were actually more fluffy than I’m used to but the bed was super comfortable! I’m not sure if different pillows are available upon request or not but I’d recommend either calling ahead to check or bringing your own.

The resort gets 5 stars from me for cleanliness! The room was super clean and there were sanitation stations across the resort.

Q: How much was it?

A: Our stay was $236 per night but remember that the fee can change depending on the season.

I hope y’all enjoyed reading about our babymoon in San Antonio! Drop a comment with your favorite babymoon destination!

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