Second Trimester Bumpdate + Flattering Maternity Dress!

Hi! Well, we are officially into the second trimester and I’m getting “more pregnant” by the day. Today I’m sharing a bumpdate!


NAME: Kaiser Wayne Kaase! I looked at hundreds of boy names and we had such a hard time find one we both loved. I finally came across Kaiser and instantly loved it. It took Bryan a couple weeks but now he’s all about it! Wayne is after Bryan’s uncle who passed last year. His name was Randy Wayne and we loved Wayne as a middle name!

HOW FAR ALONG: We’re 18 weeks and 4 days EXACTLY! Here are a few comparison pics of my first pregnancy vs. this pregnancy up to this point.

DUE DATE: September 29th but I’ll probably schedule to be induced on September 22nd! I was induced with Emmett at 40 weeks and she was exactly 9 pounds, 9 ounces. I’m definitely NOT trying to have a massive baby so you won’t catch me going past 40 weeks!

HOW MAMA IS FEELING: More excited by the day! I have a whole lot more energy now than I did a few weeks ago.

PREGNANCY SYMPTOMS: Bleeding gums just started last night. I didn’t experience that with Emmett so I was caught off-guard when I saw them bleeding. I also didn’t experience the back aches that I’ve been getting during my pregnancy with Emmett! I’ve had killer pain off and on around my tailbone and have tried everything to soothe it – essential oils (check out the ones I use here!), Epson salt baths, yoga and stretches. Other things I want to try include going to the chiropractor, massaging the area with a tennis ball and a heating pad.

CRAVINGS: I crave similar things that I craved during my first pregnancy – vanilla Frosties from Wendy’s, freezies, cutie oranges, raspberries, anything lime, spicy noodles and pickles!

MOVEMENT: WOW! I actually just felt him move as I was typing this post!!! I can’t believe it and I’m so excited to start feeling him more. ALSO – he really kicked the heck out of me so I’m a tad bit scared for when he’s bigger! lol!

REGISTRY: We registered on Amazon and you can check it out here! I tried to add lots of boy clothes because we obviously need some, the big basics such as another car seat and a double stroller, new bottles and some things for BOTH kiddos!

If you take a look, PLEASE let me know if I missed any great products for baby #2! Here are some of our top items on the registry 🙂

NURSERY PLANS: We plan on having the kiddos share a room while we’re in this house or until they’re like 5/6/7ish… whichever comes first! I want a woodlands theme that has a boho feel so I’m thinking that we’ll paint the room white (it’s a light cream right now but I like how white brightens small rooms!), have a dark green dresser with brass hardware as an statement piece, woodlands-themed bedding and natural wood accents around the room.

Our crib is white and we’ll be keeping that for Kaiser. Emmett will have a big girl bed that I plan on having Bryan make. Realistically, she won’t be in that until she is about 22 months since Kaiser will likely sleep in a bassinet by our bed for the first few months. I did that with Emmett and it worked really well for feedings! On the other hand, every baby is different so we’ll see!

Let’s all say a prayer that we can get the room where it needs to be and that I don’t regret them sharing a room! Here is my inspo for the decor – feel free to pin it for future planning!

HOW EMMETT IS DOING: HA! That girl has no idea what is about to rock her world! She’s still figuring out the world around her and I’m content with that. I do tell her she’s getting a baby brother soon and try to say “Kaiser” as much as possible. On that note, I don’t want to confuse her body parts by relating “Kaiser” or “baby brother” to my belly. Heck, the girl is still learning her own body so I don’t need to throw a confusing wrench at her, right!?

HOW BRYAN IS DOING: He’s pumped about having a boy and nervous about having two. All-in-all we’re both thankful and can’t wait to meet the little guy!


This very flattering dress is one of my favorites right now and makes this pregnant+growing mama feel damn good! I love how comfortable it is, that it’s not see-through, how the bow accentuates my bump and the bold color! We all know I love some color! I’m wearing a medium here.

Thank you Sexy Mama Maternity for this pretty dress! I love it!

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  • Rainey

    You look awesome! How early did your back pain start with your first? I’m just about 5 weeks with my second and back pain on my left side is driving me nuts! Lol

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