SOUTH PADRE ISLAND // what we did, my packing tips & more!

Last weekend the Kaase crew packed up what seemed like the entire freaking house and drove the 6.5-hour drive to South Padres Island for the long weekend. We spent lots time on the beach, Emmett had more tantrums than I can count, Mama drank plenty of chiltons 😉 and we got to have quality time. Here is everything we did day-by-day, what I wore, what we ate and my favorite products for a family beach trip and road trip.


THANKFULLY Bryan got off work Thursday through Monday; that was a first since he started this job last year! Thursday morning Bryan took our two dogs to his mom’s (thank you Mindy!) then we packed the Expedition up when he got back. We ended up leaving aroooound 11AM.

The road trip was overall pretty good. I mean, traveling with kids is ALWAYS cray-cray but I didn’t pull out my hair so there’s that. I think the stops ended up adding on about an hour and a half. AND OF COURSE THERE WAS A BLOWOUT DURING ONE OF THOSE 🥴

We stopped at H-E-B to pick up groceries for snacks, drinks and a breakfast we were in charge of and pulled into the beach house at 6:20PM. Our family always has different couples cook for different meals. We typically end up cooking a dinner, a breakfast and bring snacks or quick lunches!

The house we stayed in was GORGEOUS! I had 6 rooms and some had multiple beds, it was right across from the beach access and there was plenty of room for everyone. The address is 5707 Gulf Boulevard and we were actually the first group to rent it. I didn’t find it on any rental sites just now but I bet it’ll be back online soon!

After unloading we took the kids to the beach, ate pizza and tried to go to bed. Emmett had a rough night soooo there’s that.

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Day 1 Travel Outfit

Tied sweater is from Shop Monica’s! “texasskye” gets you 10% off.

Bag is Clare V. and discontinued but Nordstrom has some available.


Friday morning Bryan and I (but really mostly Bryan 🤪) made bacon, egg and cheese biscuits with Jimmy Dean sausage for breakfast and then went to the beach all day. I came back early with Emmett because she wasn’t havin’ it that day and we just lounged while watching cartoons. We had beef tacos and nachos for dinner and just lounged around watching Survivor (hello throwback) while catching up with family.

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Day 2 Beach and Lounge Outfits


Thank GOD Emmett warmed up and had more way more fun on Saturday. The day started with breakfast tacos then we all got ready for another beach day. I did my hair in a double Dutch braid and buns and loved it so much that I kept it like that for Sunday too. It’s seriously the best hairstyle for keeping your hair out of your face but something that will still look cute after getting it wet.

Since I’m a super cheesy mom, I had Bryan and Emmett dress up in their matching Buc-ees button up shirts. They were so damn cute! I have some comparison pictures from last year versus this year below!! I strongly encourage everyone to do a cheesy matching day during vacation… or just any day honestly.

We spent the evening just lounging at the house and visiting. That night we ate alfredo and one-layer lasagna for dinner.

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Day 3 Beach and Lounge Outfits

Matching button-up shirts were from Buc-ees!


Happy Independence Day!! We got up and ate pancakes and bacon (we obviously love bacon hahaha!) for breakfast then got the kids in matching swimsuits. They were so cute – their swimsuits are from Carter’s! FYI, they have pretty good prices for seasonal kids clothes just fyi!

We spent the whole day at the beach again and even got to celebrate a couple of Emmett’s cousins’ birthdays. It’s so fun to see all of the kids together – I really wish we could do it MORE.

That night we ate burgers, Bryan and I went on a walk with the toddlers and watched Survivor until the fireworks popped off!

Day 4 Beach and Lounge Outfits

Kids’ USA tees are from June + Grey!


Monday was the day we left! I packed up our room early, we all cleaned up the house, managed to take a group pic and hit the road!

Day 5 Travel Outfit


Okay, I’m not here to tell you how to pack because I’m sure you’re plenty capable lol BUT I am going to share a few useful things that I use to pack, how I plan outfits and such!

  • PACKING CUBES! These have completely changed my life with traveling. I use these to separate the kids’ clothes, swimsuits, daytime outfits… ALL OF IT! These are the ones I have from Amazon.
  • A HUGE TOTE FOR THE BEACH! I was influenced by Madi Nelson to grab this camo bag and I have NO REGRETS. It’s waterproof, easy to clean and can be personalized. I have the XL size of this camo tote from L.L.Bean.
  • PACK *AT LEAST* 2 OUTFITS PER DAY FOR KIDS! I feel like this might be obvious but I wanted to include it haha I can never tell what in world they’ll get into or how many blowouts they’ll have so I like to be prepared.
  • PACK KID OUTFITS TOGETHER! I always fold the pants inside of the shirt that I want to be worn together.
  • KEEP NECESSITIES IN DIAPER BAG! I always keep the things that I’ll be frantic about not finding in the diaper bag that way they’re easy to grab. Noise machine for the kids, monitor (if I’m bringing it!), diapers, wipes, a change of clothes, Tylenol, Band-Aids, diaper cream… things like that!

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