10+ Things I Love for Pregnancy

Hi y’all! I’m currently 23 weeks pregnant (!!!!) and figured that it was a perfect time to jot down some of my favorite things for pregnancy. Enjoy πŸ’›

Pregnancy Things I Love


Sound Machine: this does wonders for sleep regardless of being pregnant or not πŸ˜‰ the one I linked (Hatch Restore) includes sounds, meditation, alarms and night light. There is also this more affordable option from the same brand.

Pregnancy Pillow: talk about the coziest sleep ever! Pregnancy pillows help with pregnancy aches, propping your leg and supporting the belly.

Foot Massager: again, we had this before I was pregnant but I ESPECIALLY love it while I’m growing a little baby.

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Mama Mio Tummy Rub: I’ve used this for multiple pregnancies and I love this tummy rub. It moisturizes the belly without leaving it greasy and the price isn’t too bad.

Mama Mio Tummy Scrub: a great exfoliator for my stretching skin.

Stanley 40 oz. Cup: okay, any cup that holds 30+ ounces will do but I love the Stanley. GO AHEAD AND CALL ME BASIC – I DON’T CARE πŸ˜‰ I love how sturdy it is, how easy it is to clean, the handle and the fact that it fits in my cup holders. I buy mine at Dick’s or straight from the Stanley site.

Glow Organics Lotion: I love how moisturizing this lotion is! Definitely one of the best ones I have on the shelf.

mambino Spot Treatment: a gentle spot treatment for any pesky breakouts – great price too!

Genexa Antacid: made to help with heartburn without all of the artificial inactive ingredients. Love these!!


Comfortable Bra: These Walmart comfy bras are perfect for the growing girls and the price is AMAZING. I throw in random removable pads that I have from other bras or swimsuits to keep everything seamless if you know what I mean πŸ˜‰

Maternity Bodycon Dress: I swear I wear more tight clothes while I’m pregnant than I ever do when I’m not! Love Pinkblush fitted dresses and Sexy Mama Maternity dresses the most. Oh, this Target one and this Amazon one is awesome too!

Maternity Leggings: Kindred Bravely has the best maternity leggings by far but I keep these Amazon ones in rotation too.

Maternity Jeans: Let me start by saying that I usually LOATHE WEARING JEANS WHILE PREGNANT!! I avoided them like the plague when I was pregnant with my first two because my thighs grow and jeans always felt so constricting. Now, I work in a school and it really helps to have at least one pair of jeans for those “jean days” we get. Plus, it adds some versatility to my outfits! Abercrombie maternity jeans have been my favorite that I’ve tried.

Seasonal Wear from Pinkblush Maternity: Pinkblush Maternity has the cutest seasonal wear for pregnant women. Just a couple pieces will keep your pregnancy wardrobe refreshed and halfway feeling like normal you πŸ™‚

Robe: I am ALWAYS in a robe at home. Here are some different options I recommend: warm robe, lightweight robe, soft robe and the cutest printed robes.

Slippers: another item that I always wear at home. I love these Minnetonka ones, these soft ones from EMU Australia, these custom ones from Judith March and my moccasins.

Compression Socks: This is a second trimester thing and I *just* ordered these from Amazon! I can already feel the swelling at 23 weeks *cries a little*

Breathe Underwear by Gap: This brand isn’t maternity but has been WONDERFUL for comfort during pregnancy! 10/10 recommend the thong, hipster or shorty styles.

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