5 Books Perfect for Quarantine

Hi, there! Have y’all wondered what we will do if we just watch everything on Netflix, Hulu and Disney+?? Or what if this quarantine goes on so long that the producers just run out of episodes and can’t make anything else because of stay-at-home orders? Neither of these things have a likelihood of actually happening and it’s probably just me that’s even went that far in imagining.

REGARDLESS! I’m bringing you 5 books that I love and that are great reads for anyone trying to peel their eyes away from the TV during quarantine.

  1. Mitch Albom is my favorite author and I don’t have a favorite but for the sake of of this list I’ve narrowed it down. For One More Day explores what it would be like to get one more day with that person you have a million and one questions for. It’ll pull on your heart strings and make you think about the people in your life from different perspectives. It’s also a fairly quick read! If you like this one then the next two books from him that I suggest are The Five People You Meet in Heaven and The Next Person You Meet In Heaven… in that order!
  2. Leaving Cheyenne is a book I actually had to read in college (i.e. I wasn’t very enthusiastic about it) but now it’s one of my all-time favorites. If you like drama, love triangles and the wild west, this is the perfect book for you!
  3. Can you imagine being abducted at 11-years-old and living with your kidnappers for almost two decades? I can’t but thanks to this brave memoir by Jaycee Dugard, I got a glimpse into what it’s like. The things that Jaycee survived were traumatic and made her dig deep for resilience despite all odds. The title is A Stolen Life: A Memoir and it’s a book that lives on my bookshelf.
  4. The devil loves idleness and I’m focusing on God’s greatness, light and word during this quarantine to keep evil out. The Bible is the first step for this. From there, I add “tools to my toolbox” that help me understand His word and dig deeper. If you’re seeking more tools for learning to live loved, try out Uninvited: Living Loved When You Feel Less Than, Left Out and Lonely. In this read, Lysa walks you through her own experiences and how she works to overcome feelings of rejection, insecurities or loneliness. I’m sure you’re similar to me and find yourself reaching for social media during this quarantine in an effort to “socialize”. Social media comes with community, entertainment and news but it also comes with comparisons, feelinsg of being less-than and trolls. Read this book to bring a new perspective to our modern lives and get closer to Him! PS – you can order the book or study guide depending on your preference.
  5. All the Missing Girls is a suspenseful thriller that’ll get you through this season. When a young woman returns to her home town, she’s forced to remember the disappearance of her best friend and unravel new details. Crazy, right??

There y’all go! You can shop my book picks below! I hope you love the reads if you give them a try.


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