Dyson Review

Dyson Review

Hi, there! I’m bursting to finally be able to share this with you! Bryan gifted me a Dyson cordless vacuum for Christmas and I’m in love. I get that a husband gifting his wife a vacuum might sound a little patriarchal but it was actually the best best ever… HAND DOWN.

Now that Emmett is crawling everywhere, it’s super important to keep the floors clean by vacuuming and swiffering frequently. Hauling our old heavy vacuum and bouncing from outlet to outlet with the cord was one of the most annoying things ever so this cordless vacuum was very welcomed.

Since we got the Dyson V8 Animal cord-free vacuum, vacuuming is so easy. All I do is unhook the cordless vacuum from its charger, click the button and BOOM, I’m in business. I also love that there is plenty of suction to get the ridiculous amount of dog hair, dirt and food that makes its way across our floor.

The one con I saw in the reviews was the amount of time it runs, which is about 30 minutes for me. I don’t mind though because within that time-frame I can typically knock out the tile kitchen, tile living room, tile hallways, living room rug, carpeted master bedroom , carpeted nursery and carpeted office. That pretty much covers our high-traffic areas so the run-time doesn’t personally bother me. Plus, I need a break after that anyways!

I’ve linked the model we have from different retailers so you can find the best price. I also do it that way in case you have a coupon available at a particular store. Let me know in the comments or on Instagram if you have questions! May your week be fabulous and house be clean!

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