My Favorite Baby Items: 0-6 months

Hi, there! So, as I’m sure you know, Emmett is 9-months-old. WOW, WOW, WOW! This age used to seem like it was so far off and now it’s here. That’s life though – time is always rolling whether you’re ready or not.

The other day I reflected on how my motherhood journey has been and I decided to publish a few blogs that I *hope* will help any expecting mamas. I remember being so overwhelmed by the thought of labor that I couldn’t even fathom the responsibility I was about to push out of me. Let alone all the fancy items that went along with her!

The idea of bottles, diapers, the gazillion kinds of strollers to choose from, baby proofing… hell, everything was just overwhelming. If this is you, all I can say is take it one step or thing at a time. I looked at strollers one day and baby feeding pieces the next and so on. That got me through making a registry and keeping my heading on straight.

I’m listing out our favorite things we used and starting with 0 through 6-months-old to keep it simple. Enjoy and feel free to drop questions or suggestions in the comments!

♥ evenflo Pacifier: evenflo sent me one of these for free (thank you!) right when Emmett was born and it ended up being her favorite. The material is squishy and I think that babies love the way it feels on their gums.

♥ DockATot: This saved my life A LOT. I was (and still am) a stage 5 clinger so I felt more comfortable keeping her close to me. I put her down for naps in this early on and was able to check on her easily while getting chores done, cooking or doing whatever I needed to do

♥ Baby Swing: Initially, I used this minimally because I didn’t want to change her head shape BUT then I saw how magical it is for calming newborns and that worry went straight out the window pretty quickly! We loved the Gracco one but next go-round I’m going to try this one because it swings in more directions.

♥ Solly Wrap: This wrap intimidated me at first but once I learned how to wrap it, I took it everywhere.

♥ baby merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit: We started using this when Emmett was around 1-month-old and it was amazing! I had trouble establishing a “bedtime routine” during those newborn days because 1) there was no such thing as nights and days and 2) she ate non-stop and slept weird hours. Once we started using the sleepsuit, it helped start a routine. Don’t get me wrong, she was still up all night but the sleepsuit gave her the sign that it was nighttime.

♥ Activity Center: We started really using this when Emmett could support herself without folding over, which was around 4-months-old. I’ll admit that it was a slow start but I put her in it every morning and over time she got more interested!

♥ Ryan and Rose Pacifiers: I LOVE THESE! The evenflo one was great, but the downfall is that it’s hard as hell to find if you misplace it because it’s clear. We also needed something tougher when she started teething. Ryan and Rose is a company dedicated to making safe pacifier clips, pacifiers and teethers. The next best thing about them is that they make everything in the cutest color combinations. You can buy them on their website, Target and Amazon.

♥ Bumbo Seat: This isn’t a necessity but it does make things easier. Once Emmett could support herself (around 4 months), I started using this while I was cooking, eating, cleaning or doing my makeup. It’s a great way for babies to look around and learn while you’re doing things!

♥ little tikes Baby Swing: My mom gifted this to Emmett when she was 5-months-old and she has loved swinging ever since. I linked the pink one that we have but it comes in primary colors too!

♥ Gracco Bumper Jumper: haha this is a fun one if your little one ends up liking it. There’s just something adorable about a baby jumping around. Ememtt took a bit to warm up to it but once she did, it was my favorite thing to put her in for entertainment. The Jolly Jumper is another great option.

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