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July Amazon Finds

Hi y’all! I’m here to share the Kaases’ Amazon finds for July! This round-up is a little random but it has GREAT finds for lounge-wear, baby-proofing items and even a blow-up mattress.

You can shop everything through the links below (full disclosure – I get a small commission when you purchase from these links and thank y’all so muchf or shopping through me when you can!) or shop all of my Amazon finds on my Amazon store!



Amazon Finds, Maternity Dress, Amazon Fashion

MATERNITY BODYCON DRESS [right $25] I loved this dress a lot more than I expected to. The fit is very flattering and it’s lightweight enough to survive these HOT summer months!

SWING DRESS [left $20] This is such a great basic to have in your closet! You can style swing dresses so many ways and either wear them super casually or dressed up. This is another find that comfortably fits all shapes and sizes.

Amazon Finds, Amazon Fashion, Loungewear, Amazon Loungewear, Maternity outfit, Pregnancy Style

WIDE-LEG LOUNGE PANTS [left $32] These were comfortable and can both pregnant mamas and women that aren’t pregnant. I love the fun wide-leg on them!

CROP JOGGERS [center $29] Hellooooo comfy lounge pants! I know that crop pants aren’t for everyone but I really liked the fit of these – especially the fact that the hem wasn’t too tight on my calves. These fit TTS and the waistband hits right around the belly button; I have them rolled down in the picture!

JOGGERS [right $30] These are very comfortable BUT they’re probably not the best for the Texas heat. I’d just wear these indoors until it cools down… which isn’t until like Christmas lol! These fit TTS and the waistband hits right around the belly button; I have them rolled down in the picture!


TODDLER LIFE VEST [$20] After doing some research on toddler life vests, I found this one that has 4.5/5 stars and over 7,500 reviews. I haven’t had a chance to test it out but I love that it is adjustable and has a float on the chest.

TODDLER PAJAMAS [fleece set $18 // cotton set $25] Bryan is unofficially in charge of ordering Emmett’s pajamas and we just got some new sets since the girl is growing like a weed. We ordered 2T in all of them and everything fits TTS except for the fleece ones, which fit big.


BLOW-UP MATTRESS WITH INTERNAL PUMP [$52] We kept our old mattress that had a hole for WAY longer than we should have. We finally bit the bullet and got this one! I’m sure my family will be happy the next time they stay 😉

AMAZON BRAND DIAPER GENIE REFILLS [$19] We’ve been using these knock-off brand diaper pale refill bags for about 2 months and have had zero trouble with them! Random, but a good find if you have the Diaper Genie and want to save a little money.

CABINET LOCKS [$24] SO. FREAKING. NEEDED. I was over finding all of the bathroom cabinet items spread across the house. These locks were super easy for me to install and worked on both cabinet doors and drawers.

ADHESIVE SHELF LINER [$17] I used this shelf liner on the kids’ refurbished dresser! It works like a charm to spruce up those old drawers.

ROUND AREA RUG [$50] I am loving this round rug find! Our’s is kept in front of my try-on mirror in our bedroom. It sells out frequently so just keep checking on its status!

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