Mother’s Day Is Coming! Here’s What You Should Give ❤️ // The Cutest Leopard Dress!

Hi, there! Mother’s Day is pretty much tomorrow (just kidding… we actually have 2 weeks) so we all need to get it together and order gifts ASAP if that’s the route we’re going. Personally, my love language (if you haven’t read The Five Love Languages, GO READ IT ASAP! Check it here!) is receiving gifts so that’s the most natural way for me to show love.

The catch is that not everyone’s love language is gifts. I know… shocking, right!? Outside of gift giving, you can shower that special woman with words of affirmation all day or in a thoughtful card, do acts of service by taking care of all the chores that day so she doesn’t have to lift a finger, spend quality time by hosting a special date night or doing some physical touch by doing a spa-like massage (you know… with the massage and everything!).

I hope those suggestions spark an idea or two for ways to show your mom, wife, aunt, grandma or whoever else that she is appreciated!

Here are some gift ideas if you’re going that route! In order to shop the item, you can simply click the image you’re interested in and it’ll route straight to the item’s page.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Some of the links below give me a small commission and I thank you for any support you give me by shopping through those links!

Fun fact: even if you don’t end up getting the specific item listed, I still get commission as long as you shop through the links below. Meaning if you simply type “” into Google and search for the item listed or shop that way, I don’t get commission whereas if you start your shopping by clicking the link and then continuing that way, I do get the commission with that specific retailer.

Regardless, I’m just happy you’re here and THANKFUL TO YOU!

Capri Blue Volcano Candle

This candle smells AHHHHHMAZING! It has fruit, citrus, mountain greens, lemons and limes… all of this just to say that it’s very fresh! The best part is that it lasts forever and, fun fact, it’s poured in the U.S. of A. Now that I think of it, we are still using the one I got for Christmas!

The special woman in your life will love this and, even better, she’ll think of you every time she lights it!

“Mama” (or custom!) Bracelet

I love anything that says “mama” on it and bracelets are the easiest thing to throw on and go! These options have amazing reviews and are all unique in their own way.

“Mama” Necklace

I know, I know – another accessory but you really can’t go wrong with jewelry! This piece is a trendy necklace that has “mama” spelled out along the chain. SO CUTE!

Personalized Picture Frame

I think that this is such a sweet gift… for anyone! Mamas, grandmas, aunts… any woman that you wish “Happy Mother’s Day” to. These frames have amazing reviews on Etsy and they can all be personalized.


We typically give these around Christmas but this photo book would make a great gift for Mother’s Day too! Chatbooks are great quality, affordable and the customer service is amazing. I can’t say enough good things about them!

Grab $10 off your first order with SKYELYNN_HTX-2E36 !! Click here to start your book or download the app to get started. The app is super user-friendly and easy to add photos straight from your phone.

“Mama” Keychain with a Photo

A locket for moms on-the-go… or moms that don’t wear jewelry… or just any mom that drives!

Kitchen Trinkets

Most moms live in the kitchen and some even love it. NOT I! haha! Here are a few gift ideas for any wine lovers, cookers, coffee addicts, bakers or kitchen newbies!

Something to Help Her Self-Care

Is there really a better gift for mom than some help relaxing?! I’ve linked some of my favorites along with other items that I’ve heard are amazing. She’ll appreciate the encouragement to put down the laundry, dishes or baby (heckor all 3?!) and RELAX! Bonus gift: help her find the time!

Oh, another idea that I couldn’t link below is a diffuser and oils! I personally buy through Young Living – you can check out the basic kit here (comes with a diffuser, popular oils, 2 sample drinks that are PACKED with nutrients, hand sanitizer and purifying spray)! Note that becoming a member does NOT mean you have to sell… you just get a better price than regular retail! As you can see, the kit comes with a lot of stuff that’ll help mama unwind but you are able to just get a diffuser without signing up for anything. You simply click “No Thanks” and shop the “Products” once the page redirects you. I’m sharing because I use it in my home to unwind and know lots of people that love diffusing oils too!

Dog Moms Count!

I was a dog mom first and will always love my little fur babies. Here are some ideas for the woman that treats her dogs better than her human family!

For Women That Are Commemorating a Loss

Mother’s Day isn’t an easy day for all and my heart and prayers are with any woman struggling with this day. Sometimes giving a gift is easier than expressing words to loved ones going through a trying time.

PS – The item with “no image” is a Willow Tree Angel of Mine figure. It’d be a thoughtful decor piece for a nightstand or dresser! The link still works; I just couldn’t get the image.

That’s all I have for today! I hope you enjoyed and just remember that saying Happy Mother’s Day and giving a card might be the all-time best gift! Have a good one!

PS – outfit details are below! 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

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