My Favorite Baby Items: 6-9 months


Hi, there! This is the second part to a continuing series on baby items by ages. I’m hoping that this gives expecting moms ideas for registries, grandparents ideas for gifts and moms a place to share more ideas (comment below!). You can shop directly, see my thoughts on the items and see pictures of some of the items below. Love y’all and hope your day is amazing ♥

evenflo High Chair: This isn’t a “fun” thing but it’ll sure as heck make your life easier during feeding time. It has a seat cover that can be removed so that it’s just a plastic seat, which is how we keep ours now. When Emmett started eating real food, I realized that I needed an easy-to-clean high chair because she makes a mess EVERY. SINGLE. TIME!

Entertaining Toys: Toys that makes noise or that can be chewed on saved our life during restaurant visits, long car rides and family get-togethers. I noticed that around 6 to 7-months-old Emmett started taking interest in these and now we try to always have one in the diaper bag.

Baby Booties: I’ll admit that I have NOT put shoes on Emmett a whole lot because she doesn’t walk and socks suffice. HOWEVER these little shoes are the best! They stay on, come in tons of colors and have a stretchy band for easy dressing.

Shopping Cart Seat: We actually didn’t have one of these but next go-round I will certainly order this one. I always put blankets around Emmett when she’s sitting in the shopping cart (nothing wrong with that!) but I think it’d be easier to have something that stays in the car dedicated to shopping trips.

Blow-Up Ball Pit: Such an entertaining toy for babies that can pick things up! AND IT’S AFFORDABLE!

Suction Plate: This is a must for feeding time. It stays put so the little squirts can’t pick it up and throw it. That actually happened by the way… at a restaurant… with rice on a napkin… that ended up all over the floor and under surrounding tables. FUN!

Huge Blocks: Emmett doesn’t build yet but she plays, bangs and throws these all day long.

Sippy Cup: I love the one with a straw that is bendy and can be closed with the cover because it doesn’t spill everywhere. Emmett loves to hydrate and seeks this cup out all of the time.

Play Mat: I searched high and low for a play mat that didn’t cost more than $100, didn’t completely kill my home aesthetic and was the right size for our play room/office. Well, I FOUND IT! I got this one from Amazon and have loved it because it’s easy to clean, has a black and white pattern available and fits in the room #MomWin

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