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Good morning! The picture above (captured by none other than Bryan himself) is a BTS shot from our maternity shoot this weekend and I CAN’T FREAKING WAIT to see the actual pictures! If you need a maternity photographer, go check out Aimee Hamilton because she is seriously amazing.

Now, let’s talk registry items. I swear that I have been living in a black hole of setting up nursery items, a never-ending pile of laundry and buying/exchanging things that we still needed. Creating a nursery and getting a registry together is both super fun and extremely overwhelming. I had no idea what a travel system was, how many bottles to add or if I needed to buy a dresser and use it as a changing pad stand or vice versa. I mean HOW THE HECK CAN ANYONE KEEP UP?! Well, unless your entire day is dedicated to learning all there is about baby gear then you can’t keep up. The good news is that you can, however, learn along the way. My advice to anyone planning for a baby is to not get caught up in the small things such as how many washcloths to add because you will likely get more than enough and you can always exchange things.

Here are some of my top registry items and things that I know I’ll love… or at least I hope I do! Enjoy!


Dresser: DaVinci Dresser $270

Crib: DaVinci Convertible Crib $180

Chair: Grey Rocking Chair $255

Bookcase: Kids Bookcase $68


Nursery Art: Baby Arctic Animals $45

Mirror: I got ours from HomeGoods! It’s mauve and going right above the dresser.

Rug: I found a cute little grey and white rug from HomeGoods for about $50 or so.

Baskets: Grey & White Nursery Bin $13 | Silver and White Storage Bin $10 |

Baby Chairs: Owl Chair $160 |

Baby Rocker: Penguin Rocker $130

Mobile: Pom Pom Mobile $40

Organizers: Over-The-Door Organizer $17


Carrier: Infantino 4-in-1 Carrier $30

Stroller: Evenflo Stroller $239

Car Seat: 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat $230

Seat Base: Graco Seat Base $35

Car Mirror: Baby Car Mirror for Back Seat $14


Bassinet: Halo Swivel Bassinet $250

Sound Machine: Shusher $35

Baby Dock: DockaTot Deluxe $175 I have heard that this is a MUST and serious saver during the first few months.

Feeding Pillow: Boppy Feeding Pillow $40

Walker: Joovy Spoon Walker $100

Monitor: Infant Optics Video Baby Monitor $166

Swing: Gracco Swing $100


Swaddles: Ollie Velcro Swaddle $59 | Velcro Swaddles $22

Blankets: Jellycat Bunny Soother Blanket $20


Clothes: I got a ton of sweet outfits from friends and family, but I have been finding onesies, pajamas and socks at Target, Walmart and Carters for any ages that I was light on.

Shoes: Mocassins $49


Fitted Sheets: Grey Floral Sheet $24 | Star Fitted Sheet $20

Changing Pad Covers: Grey Floral Changing Pad Covers $35 | Stars Changing Pad Cover $20

Crib Skirt: Watercolor Floral Crib Skirt $40

Crib Mattress: Waterproof Mattress $60

Mattress Pad: Sealy Mattress Pad $35


Diapers and Wipes: We got gifted all kinds (many Pampers though!) from friends and family so I am keeping them packaged and stored in the nursery closet in case I need to exchange them as I go.

Diaper Pail: Hands-Free Diaper Pail $40


Washcloths: Baby Muslin Washcloths $13


Bottles: I have heard from other mamas that you shouldn’t buy too many of these because you won’t know which kind of bottles your baby will like or how fast she will grow out of sizes. We are personally stocking light on these and will buy as we go.

High Chair: Gracco Convertible Hi-Chair $120

Plates: Fries Before Guys Suction Plate $22 | Feed Me & Tell Me I’m Pretty Plate $22

Spoons: Get It & Go Girl Spoon Set $10

Bibs: Brunch Babe Wonder Bib $14

Bottle Dryer: Boon Grass Bottle Drying Rack $13

Bottle Brush: Bottle Brush with Suction Bottom $4


Wooden Letters: Bubble Fonts Wooden Names $21+

Floor Seat: Bumbo Floor Seat $55

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