natural lightroom edit for editing pictures

How I Made a Natural Lightroom Preset

natural lightroom preset for editing pictures
natural lightroom preset for editing pictures
natural lightroom preset for editing pictures
natural lightroom preset for editing pictures
natural lightroom preset for editing pictures

Hi, y’all! I’m here to show you how I made a natural lightroom preset for editing pictures. I know using presets can seem like a daunting task and that there are tons to choose from BUT I’m here to help! My way is always free and easy after you use the app once or twice. No need to be intimidated!

Why I Edit (nearly) Every Picture

iPhones take amazing photos but I still edit even the best of my pictures. That probably seems ridiculous and a little meticulous but I like having the best pictures for printing… and posting (let’s be real – most of the best of the best get posted!). Why not edit my photos that are going to be around forever? Especially when all it takes is one click!!?

Learning Lightroom

Lightroom is a free mobile app for editing photos. You can change a TON of things in your picture – lighting, colors, details, grain (that speckled vintage look that people do these days) and noise reduction (aka making your skin smooth). If you’re looking to just play around with fixing photos, start with these 5 things! They’re changes I make in just about every photo.

  1. Increase exposure
  2. Increase shadows
  3. Increase contrast a tad
  4. Reduce yellow saturation
  5. Increase orange saturation

My Natural Lightroom Preset

Now it’s time to try my preset! I use it on 85% of my pictures – especially the ones that I’m saving just for the mems! I love this preset because it gets rid of that yellow tint that discolors a lot of photos, brightens shadows and still keeps most of the original colors (meaning the green looks green and the blue’s hue isn’t changed!).

Instructions on what to change are in the graphic below. Simply go through each section, edit the details and move onto the next. This preset will work well on most photos but also keep in mind that every photo is unique and some may need some extra love!

natural lightroom edit for editing pictures

I have it saved as a preset within in the app so I can edit my pictures fast. Do this by making the edits then clicking the 3 dots in the upper-right-hand corner and going to “Create Preset”. Once saved, it will be stored in the lower menu under “Presets”.

I hope that you enjoyed reading and left with something new to try. Don’t forget to tag me in your photos or on Instagram stories if you give it a try! I’d love to see how y’all use this. Have a great day!

PS – if you are just beginning to blog, check out this post on blogging basics!

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