Office + Playroom Reveal

Hello! WE. HAVE. FINALLY. FINISHED. THE. OFFICE/PLAYROOM!!!!!!!!!! You can bet your bottom two that I’m excited because this was the project that never stopped giving… me stress haha! On a serious note, I couldn’t be happier with the way our office + playroom makeover turned out and I’m thankful we were able to make the space more functional. 

The biggest part, which was a paint-lift and shiplap wall, took the least amount of time surprisingly. We managed to knock that part out in 2 days – scroll down to see how we got the shiplap wall done! After the room was given a “paint-lift”, it was time to decorate.

I wanted to complement the black shiplap wall and dark wooden office deck that was already in the room so I kept the decor to an industrial style. Bryan made a black wooden bookcase and I filled it with dark baskets for that moody effect. I love the contrast of the dark bookcase against the white wall! 

Once we got the bookcase finished, I found a kids’ map to hang above it and started making a felt alphabet banner to hang above the play mat. This is the part that took so long because there were so many tedious steps (shout out to all the teachers that do projects all the time! Y’all are truly blessed!). I 10/10 recommend saving your time and buying one off Etsy if you’re not a person that loves projects.

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Mesh Lamp from At Home – $45

Have a blessed week!

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  • Watch multiple how-to’s! Simply Google search “shiplap wall how-to” and tons pop up.
  • Measure your wall from top to bottom.
  • Choose your shiplap planks. We bought the pre-cut shiplap planks from Lowe’s.
  • Paint or stain the shiplap planks. We painted ours Black Magic and the rest of the room Alabaster White by Sherwin Williams.
  • Mark your studs on the wall. This is the guide for the nails.
  • Put up the shiplap planks starting at the top. We used a nail gun to secure the planks.
  • Cut out holes for outlets as you come to them.
  • **SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT** – we didn’t measure out the grooves between planks because we thought they’d fit evenly without doing so. WRONG! I love our wall but if we did it again I would use a nickel when putting up the boards to keep the grooves even.
These are our markings for the studs.

We used this to fill in nail holes.


Taping is probably the most important part when painting. If you don’t take your time with this then I guarantee paint will be where it’s not supposed to be!

This was before we painted the planks.

You can really see how warm our old paint color was compared to the Alabaster White.


Like I said earlier… taping is IMPORTANT!

Quick family photo after the painting and before starting the shiplap part!

Bryan cut the hole for the outlet with a jig saw.

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