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Postpartum Week 1: Must-Haves for Mom and Baby!

Hi y’all! We welcomed our sweet Kenna one week ago and have been in newborn bliss, which is a mix of cuddles, exhaustion, dirty diapers, sore boobs, stretching ourselves between all 3 kids and all of the fun things postpartum healing come with. WE ARE SO BLESSED THOUGH and wouldn’t change any of it.

Below is some information from our sweet Kenna’s birth for background information to the round-up of all the products we’ve used in the first week of having a newborn. Remember, the first week doesn’t require much since the baby either eats, sleeps, pees or poops. Having your space prepared and ready with products, such as nipple cream, that make your postpartum recovery a tiny bit more comfortable is helpful though! Hope you enjoy!

Birth Details

Birth Type: Vaginal

Natural or Induced: Electively Induced

Medicated or Non-Medicated: Epidural

Feeding: Breastfeeding exclusively days 1, 2 and 3 and supplemented with 1-2 ounces days 4, 5 and 6 to ensure baby was hydrated enough to lower bilirubin levels

Hospital Stay: Tuesday through Thursday to test her bilirubin levels because she was Coombs positive

Sibling Introduction: We introduced the big kids to baby in the hospital! 10/10 recommend 🙂

My Must-Haves for the 1st Week of Postpartum

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