The Kaases’ Shared Toddler and Baby Room Reveal

Hi, y’all! I’m so excited to reveal our shared toddler and baby room that’s also a co-ed kids’ room! I’ve been working on it all summer and I’m really happy with how it turned out 🙂


Our home has 3 bedrooms and we currently have a room dedicated to Bryan and I, the kids and our guests. Visitors stay overnight at least once a month so I decided to see how having Emmett and Kaiser sharing a room goes… for now! We will switch the room situation up once they get older or when we move eventually.


Let me start by saying that I’m definitely not an expert in decorating and my taste seems to change every day lol! I took on this project slooooowly because I really have no idea what the heck I’m doing. I pretty much decided on everything in this order: paint, furniture, rugs, bedding, shelving and then small decor.


We painted the room Alabaster White by Sherwin Williams to freshen up the walls. Before, the room was a light cream color that was on the warmer side and doing that one change made such a difference! I love how the light walls brighten their little room.


The only thing we kept from Emmett’s nursery was her crib. When Kaiser is ready he’ll use it and Emmett will use her toddler bed. Yes, I’m very nervous about making those transitions and welcome any advice for it! Seriously, send me a dm on Instagram if you have tips!

I sold Emmett’s old dresser and the pink organizer that I used to organize diapers. Once they sold, I used that money to replace those with a big dresser. This part was a doozie on mama and took a ton of work. We needed something with enough space to house towels, shoes, bibs, diapers, wipes and onesies for two and this cheap a$$ mama didn’t want to spend tons of money on a dresser that was bound to get banged up by 2 toddlers. So, I thought the best route was to refurbish a previously-owned one!

What I didn’t take into account was the amount of cleaning, paint coats, sealing and waxing that go into refurbishing a piece. Plus, furniture projects take talent (like, painting-inside-of-the-lines kinda’ talent that I definitely don’t have) and lots of patience! The dresser turned out nice but there are plenty of paint imperfections if you look close enough! The inside of the thing also smells like old wood so there’s that. Needless to say, I’ll be biting the bullet next time and just buy a new one.

The bookcase was handed down from a friend (thank you!!) and is the only piece of furniture that’s not a stark white. I think having a mix of whites and creams dds to that “effortless” boho feel. Even though lots of effort and thought were put into it!

Another piece I love is the wire 4-drawer stand we have in their closet. This piece may seem insignificant but it has seriously helped out with our closet organization. The kids’ closet door is smack-dab in the middle of the closet, which leaves a weird space on either side that makes getting to anything stored there HARD. Thankfully, the piece I found at Home Depot fits perfectly in that space! I keep Emmett’s socks in the first drawer, plain bodysuits and pajamas in the second drawer, pants and shorts in the third drawer and swimwear in the bottom drawer.


Early on I decided that this room needed to have bold colors that were fairly gender-neutral and knew that this could be easily achieved with the right rug. After looking through hundreds of options I eventually found the most fun rug – it’s the prettiest rug we have in the house!

I also snagged a small round rug in a neutral color to peek out from under Emmett’s bed. Having two rugs (or even one?!) isn’t at all necessary but I think they really add a little somethin’ to the room!


The kids’ bedding and changing pad cover are all from Burt’s Bees. I’ve only had them for a couple weeks and like all of the pieces because they’re soft, made with the good stuff and hold up well after washes!


The wall shelves were from Home Depot and one of the last things I bought. I’ll admit that Bryan 100% could have built these and the hardware that they came with wasn’t that great. With that being said, these were just easier to buy instead of putting Bryan to work, shipped quick and are doing the job just fine. They’ve been up more than a week and haven’t fallen yet so that says something, right?!


I bought Kaiser a name sign from the same company that we got Emmett’s from. In order for the different designs to complement each other, I designed his with the same font I used on Emmett’s. This Etsy shop has different sizes, designs, wood stains and colors available so there’s something for everyone.

Their curtains are from Target and block about 90% of the daylight.

Everything else is a mix of Hobby Lobby, Home Goods, Wal-Mart, Amazon and Target. You can shop the product links above or scroll down to the bottom of this page for a complete list of where I got everything!

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Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed seeing our reveal for Emmett and Kaiser’s shared toddler and baby room! Have a great night!

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