The Spice Is Back + Where to Donate Clothes in Houston!

Hi, y’all! I’m baaaack! Two weeks ago I decided to plan out the rest of the year without worrying about putting out content for two reasons:

  1. I wasn’t inspired to write and refuse to kick out content for the sake of kicking out content. Anytime I do that, I start feeling… well, disingenuous, exhausted from “keeping up with the Jones” and, quite frankly, sh*tty.
  2. Pressing pause to take myself out of the blog and plan out what is to come keeps me motivated, focused and my eye on the prize, which is creating fun things to read at your 2pm


The last two weeks have also been GO, GO, GO! Our family had two weekends in a row that were jam-packed with a wedding shower in Fort Worth, a visit to my mom’s, a weekend celebration for my parents’ 25 year anniversary and a trip to the Houston Zoo. AY, AY, AY!

BRAGGING MOMENT – For my parents’ anniversary, I put together a slideshow using an app called Splice. It was such a great gift as they were so surprised! I highly recommend Splice if you’re thinking about doing a picture slideshow.

Another thing that I’ve been doing is cleaning out my closet because that space was filled with pieces that I never wear (seriously, some of my clothes hadn’t been worn in like 2 years), that I’ve grown out of (physically and emotionally) or that I just didn’t like anymore. It has been so refreshing to walk in and see pieces that I love to wear yet not have such an attachment to them. Y’all know what I’m talking about – that “I can’t get rid of this because I bought it when I was becoming myself and it was the hottest thing back then and we have so many memories together” attachment to clothes. I made myself filter through my closet and if I hadn’t wore the piece within the last couple months then it was put in a donate or sell pile. The only exceptions to this rule were pregnancy pieces and winter pieces. With that being said though, if I didn’t wear it last season then the piece was a goner too.  This clean-out has also made it easier to get ready because I’m not so overstimulated by things I don’t love!


I sell, donate or give away all of my clothes. If they’re quality pieces that I only wore a couple times, I add them to my Poshmark. If the pieces are gently worn but still in great shape, I donate them to my local women’s shelter. The shelter that I take my clothes to has a resale shop and they will either sell the donated clothes there or take them to the actual shelter to give away. Many women’s shelters have different programs where your donated clothes could end up such as a career program where they give the women professional clothing for their interviews. Here are some women’s shelter in the Houston area that you could donate your gently worn clothes to:

  • Downtown/In-the-Loop: Houston Area Women’s Center
  • Fort Bend: Fort Bend County Women’s Center
  • Woodlands: Montgomery County Women’s Center
  • League City/Pasadena: Bay Area Turning Point

Cheers to getting rid of STUFF, to being back on the blog and to a damn good week! Go do good and kill it this week!


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