We Rescued a Puppy!

Meet Sandy – a 2.5-month-old rescued puppy from Citizens for Animal Protection that is maybe Husky/Border Collie. I am so in love with her already (Grayson isn’t as in love, but she’s warming up)!ACS_0064.jpg

I’ve been hassling Bryan for about a year and a half now for another pup because I want Grayson to have a companion. Once we got engaged I left the topic alone because of the hectic wedding laundry lists that never seemed to end. Well, leave it to Bryan to give me what I want when I least expect it. On our wedding day we exchanged gifts, he got me an engraved bible with a letter saying that I can get a pup (this is where I started balling my eyes out).

So, last Sunday we decided to go “look” around at Citizens for Animal Protection and see what kinds of dogs where available. I’ve volunteered there before, so I started showing Bryan where the dogs were. Eventually we got to the puppy area (my heart melted instantly because of course they’re all so adorable) and eyes a few that we liked. We ended up visiting two other pups in the private area before seeing Sandy. Actually, we almost left before her, and thank God we didn’t! I instantly fell in love with her sweet personality and puppy kisses. I’m pretty sure Bryan knew I wasn’t leaving without her when her perfect tan and white body curled up in my lap.

Sandy’s First Week

Memorial Day – Bless, we finally got to bring her home. She had to get spayed in the morning so she was pretty out of it by the time we picked her up. When we got home she was more alert, but super timid; she actually hid behind a door when I put her down. Eventually she warmed up and explored the house.

I got all of my cuddles in while watching the Rockets in game 7/13 Reasons Why (my current binge). For bed time we picked up all the mats in the guests bathroom and made a little bed out of towels for Sandy.

Tuesday – A rare thing happened today – I was on time, and I think I have Sandy to thank. Instead of laying in bed when my alarm rang, I popped out and went straight to the guest bathroom to see our sweet girl. She only had one accident in on the tile floor, but was a good pup and went as soon as I let her out. I can already tell that I’m going to have to watch her for chewing because she puts dang near anything in her mouth.

Grayson was also in the bathroom with us, but wasn’t happy about it at all. She pretty much sat facing the door away from me the entire morning – DRAMAAAAAAA!

Wednesday – Bryan and I discovered that Sandy is in love with stealing socks. I laughed at this. Bryan did not.

Thursday –  I figured out that Grayson doesn’t like sharing her toys, and that it might be best for Sandy to have her own… or at least for them to have more than enough toys to keep both of them busy.  Petsmart took all my money today for bones, toys and treats.

Friday through Sunday – This was daddy’s weekend because I had to head out of town. The girls were good from what I heard and even worked on their training. Sandy has officially become comfortable with us and runs/plays/barks like a maniac sometimes. She also gets too comfortable sometimes and has accidents… that is a work in progress.

Needless to say that this first week has been super busy and having a puppy is NOT an easy thing, but is completely worth it. If you have suggestions for training, encouraging bonding between the pups or anything else dog related, please send them my way!fullsizeoutput_4c53







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