Weekend on the Bay and in Galveston

Hi, y’all! I hope you had an amazing weekend! We spent the weekend with friends on the bay and it was amazing to hang out by the water with a Leinenkugel’s® Summer Shandy® (literally my new favorite summer beer) in my hand.

My Summersalt swimsuit arrived just in time for the weekend and it was so cute. I was nervous about the one-strap style since that doesn’t always work for a larger chest and I give it an 8/10 after wearing it all day. The swimsuit doesn’t get a perfect score because I had to readjust multiple times… and it also came down a bit when I dove into the water. Thankfully, water around Galveston isn’t the clearest and no one saw anything 😉 I love it other than that though!

Emmett had an ABSOLUTE BLAST swimming around in salt water for the first time and would probably still be in the water if we didn’t make her get out. HONESTLY! Kaiser wasn’t as happy about it but he had plenty of fun on land. The kid REFUSES to wear goggles and he was done after salt water got in his eyes.

Bryan went on the boat Saturday morning with the boys and saw a beautiful sunrise before catching some fish. Saturday night we went to the Strand in Galveston and ate at Yaga’s Cafe, went into a few shops and got some $1 beers from Belle Lee’s Boutique. It was hot but we were able to cool down and get drinks frequently. I 100% recommend taking a day to visit the Strand!

Shop Our Favorites

Below I shared some kid things we found useful this weekend along with some pieces I wore and loved!

Bryan’s blue polo is Buttercloth Slim Fit Button-Down and one of his favorites! It’s soft, lightweight and works for tall men. Bryan is 6’4″ for reference!

I don’t have a link for Kaiser’s adorable beachy set but the brand is Aloha Republic and he is wearing the 2T.

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