Weekend Roundup: Bowling with Toddlers + Things I’m Eyeing

Hi y’all! Hope you had a great weekend and all of your Christmas errands are done. That might be wishful thinking though 😆 I still have to wrap allll the things so I’ll be up late a couple nights this week doing that 🙃

Yesterday we hung out at home, introduced Emmett to the Grinch (she is in loooove with the animated one! I recorded it on Hulu) and went bowling with family. Y’ALL. Bowling with toddlers is a nuthouse lol! They were running every direction, crawling in front of people trying to bowl, jumping on the benches… basically, they were a circus all on their own #LordHelpUs

Here are some low-quality pics that have high-quality memories.

Today was another day of hanging out at the house and watching the Grinch. The highlight was the fried rice I made for dinner – find that recipe here!

Below I’ve rounded up some random things I’m eyeing during all of my window shopping. My wallet is officially 👏🏼 TAPPED 👏🏼 OUT from Christmas shopping so I’ve been making lists for 2021 🤪

Set of 3 Black Lamps | Cream and Ivory Rug | Conversions Sign | French Style Mirror | Set of 2 Black Chairs | Pouf | “hope you brought wine” Door Mat

Skateboard Skeletons T-shirt | Reebok Sneakers | Pack of 3 Gold Hoops | Oversized Flannel Shirt | Clip | Adidas Touque

Oversized Black Sweater | White Shorts | Pink Zip-Up Jacket | Pink Joggers | Beige Velour Zip-Up Jacket | Beige Velour Joggers | Black Animal Print Logo Sweater | Leopard Joggers

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